Workshop: Process Diagnosis

Target Audiences

  • Process owners
  • Process improvement teams
  • Internal consultants
  • External consultants


Too often, process imrpovement is conducted in a haphazard way, with urgency overwhelming potential value. Small improvements get funded while larger, more impactful opportunities languish. Process leaders often don't know where their greatest improvement leverage is, or how to get the best bang for their improvement buck.


This workshop is built around FCB's proprietary Process Diagnosis Tool. This tool focuses at both the individual process and enterprise levels. The six leading drivers of process performance are:

  • Purpose
  • Profile
  • Progress
  • Power
  • Performers
  • Platforms

At the enterprise level, the drivers are organized around:

  • Governing processes: Strategy Formulation, Process Management, and Project Optimization
  • Resource processes:  Enterprise Capabilirties and Enterprise Technology
  • Context:  Culture and Leadership


There are two distinct models for this workshop:

  • A two-day, intensive workshop that focuses on a single, end-to-end enterprise process or sub-process
  • A three-day workshop that includes a single process diagnosis plus an enterprise perspective.


This rigorous workshop creates a clear understanding of how to best improve a process. Rather than identifying an academic level of process maturity, this workshop focuses on identifying the leading drivers of performance. This method ensures higher levels of process results.