Workshop: Measuring Process Performance

Target Audiences

  • Process Owners and teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Subject Experts in IT, HR or Finance


Process owners are awash with operational and financial measures. But their understanding of end-to-end performance is limited. That's because most measures are siloed, just like the organization itself. When you measure discrete parts without making connections you'll struggle to manage the whole. Process performance will fall short of expectations.


This workshop engages process leaders, analysts and subject experts in designing a disciplined approach to measuring and managing their process. It addresses the following questions:

  • Why do we need a process-specific measure-and-manage system (case for action)?
  • What are the intended results of process performance, and the associated measures (outcome indicators)?
  • What factors most influence those results, and how will we measure them (leading indicators)?
  • Where are we today on those indicators, and where do we aim to be (baseline and target)?
  • Who would use a measure-and-manage system? How, where and when? (stakeholders)
  • How will we gather, analyze and summarize those measures - highlight what's important, filter what's not? (scorecard)
  • How will we communicate and use measures to manage end-end performance? (visual management)
  • What is our plan for introducing the process measure-and-manage approach - next 90 days? 18 months? (roadmap)


  • 3 diagnostic teleconferences
  • 1 pre-workshop diagnostic  assignment
  • 1 onsite problem-solving workshop (3 days)
  • 1 post-workshop implementation assignment
  • 3 implementation teleconferences


  • More clearly defined expectations for process performance
  • Deeper understanding of what drives performance
  • Better process and tools for measuring, managing and improving performance
  • More efficient and effective process execution