Workshop: Designing A Digital Process

Target Audience

  • Process Owner and team
  • Subject Experts supporting the process
  • Business Process consultants


Few business processes take advantage of digital technology. Designed 20 years ago when most work was manual and ERP was state of the art, they are burdened by the weight of history. Improved using Lean, Six Sigma or similar problem-solving methods they have not begun to tap the power of digital technologies such as online self-service, predictive analytics and remote sensing. As a result, processes are slow and unresponsive at a time when customers expect fast and flexible interactions.


This workshop is designed help a cross-function team identify ways to digitize their process by addressing the following questions:

  • What digital capabilities would give us a better process design?
  • Where in the process would digitization make the most difference?
  • How will we test digitization? Demonstrate benefits and cost?
  • Who will fund, develop, and use digital capabilities?
  • What is our 90 day plan? 18 month roadmap?


  • 3 pre-workshop teleconferences
  • 3 days onsite for team and individual working sessions
  • 5-20 participants including process team and subject experts
  • Pre- and post-workshop assignments 


  • Better use of digital capabilities to improve performance
  • Clearly defined opportunities for digitizing the process
  • Enhanced digital design skills
  • Improved IT-business synergy in the digital domain

* Format can be modified to address specific needs. In a single workshop we may add briefings to raise awareness, training to develop skills, or best practices to accelerate progress. By offering a series of workshops we help teams address issues and implement plans over time.