Workshop: Measuring to Manage Performance

Target Audiences

  • Process and sub-process owners and their teams
  • Improvement teams
  • Anyone with a P&L


Most organizations are awash with measures. They measure too much and get little actionable insight in return. Many of their current metrics are simple inputs and outputs; numbers, mostly retrospective, and are only useful for reporting. But, as the competitive environment becomes more complex, the need for useful metics to drive the business grows even more important.


  • Getting alignment on the purpose and criticl role of measurement
  • Focusing on how the target process creates value
  • Identifying critical leading and lagging indicators of performanceCreating a useful scorecard
  • Developing an effective measurement communications plan


  • Two-day, intensive workshop
  • Some tutorial and interactive excersises
  • Best-practice examples, tools, and templates


The development of a scorecard allows for improved process improvement. The scorecard is a critical tool for developing alignment among all process stakeholders from executives to front-line performers.