FCB Announces Smart Work

Smart Gears

September 8, 2016:

On Wednesday 9/28 at Noon EST Steve Stanton will be interviewed by Brad Power about his upcoming new book: Smart Work: Why Organizations Full of Intelligent People do so Many Dumb Things and What You Can Do About It.  Please join in the conversation.

In this book, Stanton explores the dramatic and dire consequences of our industrial-era organizational model.

The problem starts when busy-ness prevails. When employees spend half their time on email and the other half in dysfunctional meetings, there’s no time to think. And, in the absence of reflection, the urgent drives out the important, and symptom management triumphs over solving root causes. When we’re too busy to think, we identify hundreds of metrics instead of a well thought-out scorecard. We launch thousands of disconnected improvement projects and we lack the ability to transform processes, resulting, at best, in better sameness.

What’s required is a dramatically new nervous system to provide unprecedented levels of self-awareness. Components would include dispersed measures and sentience – the ability to sense, understand, and respond to marketplace information. They would include evolved business processes that both produce and use actionable data in every task. These and similar capabilities would allow process performers to become far more effective in their work - engaging their brains as well as their hands.

Finally, success requires strengthening the enterprise governing processes as well. Without strong integrating processes for strategy formulation and capability management, large organizations will continue to experience diseconomies of scale instead of serious synergy.